How do you Motivate people to sing?

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In most environments self motivation is a vehicle which is often seldom discussed. In my 20+ years of teaching in different working environments, I find you can tell straight off the bat if a company is motivated to succeed, achieve or accomplish something just by the tone of their voices.

Enthusiasm is an agent that travels through the tone of our voice when asked a question, task or even when making a
statement. Enthusiasm is detected through the undulation of pitch and dynamics of our voices. These variables are often used to reflect the emotional state of a person.

For example:

If you were to ask a crowd of individuals to say “Yes please” to receive £1,000,000 this instant? People would be competing for airspace just to be heard, all sorts of noisy and high-sounding rampant answers would follow your question. The above question is the cause of one of two motivational factors:

1. Push factor
2. Pull factor

We can positively agree that the ‘million pounds’ question was a huge pull factor for giving such an enthusiastic response.

The ‘million pounds’ question opens up a deeper question. Are we using enthusiasm (the fuel) to give us motivation (motion) in our daily lives both at work and play?

By the way, motivation is not driven (no pun intended) by skills we possess or how well we think we can complete a task or a goal; motivation is the ability to see in the future, the pleasure of fulfilling a goal, even though satisfaction is not present in your current status.

The answer to how we motivate people to sing is simple we sing well-known songs. People instantly relate to well-known song and immediately hear the end result of their favourite song in their head and are motivated to match that ideal using their mind and ultimately their voice.

In our workshops, we inspire people to motivate themselves through the activity of singing. Singing with a group of
individuals is one of the best ways to find your voice and your motivation. In our singing workshops, you will have the opportunity activate your creativity sometimes spontaneously. When singing in a safe, fun environment, the
achievements can be of great satisfaction to all those who participate.

People who attend Voice Activate Team Building Singing Workshops are always motivated to try step out of their ‘comfort zone,’ their self-esteem improves, their confidence rises, and they instantly acknowledge they can achieve something new. And it never ceases to amaze me how infectious this enthusiasm spreads, other people that are
singing with you also Recognise this achievement, invariably they feed on this buzz, and before the song is over this infection spreads across the room.

Find out how we can motivate your company.


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