On with the show!

    Now this is a blast from the past (sent from an old choir student). It was in 1999 when we celebrated our tercentenary with a visit from the Queen. The gospel choirs were ready to display their talents for royalty but nothing was able to prepare us for what was about to happen next. It was in the middle of the year sevens performance when the unthinkable happen, and at the end of the song a large section of the stage collapsed right before the Her Majesty the Queen.I actually thought that Jeremy Beadle was playing a trick on me and for a split second I froze. Once realising it was reality and the Queen was staring me in my face. I ran over to see the children were okay, no cuts and bruises just shoes missing from the jolt of the stage. The children took it in their stride, it was only the adults that were concerned. Children seemed to shrug off falls, cuts and bruises far easier than grown-ups do and with all clear from the children we decided to carry on.Most people would see this event as a disaster, but this news travelled far and wide, even as far as New York and the West Indies. World-famous TV news stations broadcasted ‘The collapse and of fall of St Martin Gospel Choirs’, we saw things differently, we marked it as the rise of St Martin-in- the-Fields high school for girls Gospel Choirs. And because of this one event the choirs were made world-famous. The rest as they say is history!

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