March 2017


3 Ways To Motivate Your Employees To Work (because they want to!)

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Whether you are a manager of a football team or a CEO of a major company, leaders across different industries know that keeping a team pushing forward together can be a ‘do’ or ‘die’ situation. However, very few leaders are often able to recognise the difference between singing from the ‘same hymn sheet’ and working in harmony.


Here are three ways to keep the momentum moving forward in your company’s environment.

1. Create the right environment

If you desire for your workforce to grow individuals as well as expand as a company, then you have to look at creating the right environment.

Entrepreneur magazine article: Top 10 places to work in 2017 rang true to this. When employees were asked to state the reason why their company was one of the best places to work, they each echoed the same sentiment, to build a great company you have to create a great ‘Work Culture’. Successful cultivation is a product of the right environment, with the right atmosphere to grow. It’s no wonder that companies like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn are thriving companies.

2. PTO- People Take Ownership

Is a known fact people look after possessions better when it’s theirs, that is why building ownership among your employees is one of the most important vehicles to guide your workers across the waters. Remember, when your staff take ownership they gravitate to others that do the same fellowship.

Ownership to Fellowship. Stewardship to Leadership

3. Publicly celebrate your employees amongst their peers.

In my 20+ years of teaching and motivational speaking, I’m always amazed at the power of the applause. I’m always fascinated when a person who is afraid to move from their seat of apathy and take centre stage; are suddenly lifted out of their seat when people start to applaud them; it’s almost like the applause is a wave of water washing them to shore.

The action of the applause has demonstrated to me one of the fundamental problems in our working culture; People find it hard to celebrate people. But what is also equally surprising, people find it hard to receive praise. The saying still rings true; encouragements indeed sweeten labour, the energy and effort to materialise a solution for a problem demands the response of praise (people want to know that they are a solution to something) and if labour is the antecedent, then encouragement must be the consequent.

Practise any one of these tips; you get visible growth. Do all three, and you will cultivate an environment that will instigate change on all sorts of levels Harmony. Like-minded People will grow parallel; new ideas will sprout because the atmosphere is conducive to change and your people will be willing to work not because of a payslip, but because they have taken ownership.

Article: Here Are the Top 10 Places to Work in 2017.

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Turn your Monday into Friday. Pt 1

Okay. I’m going to make this post very short, what I’m going to share with you today is very little, but if you take action with what I’m going to say it will change the way you see Monday FOREVER!

A funny thing happened to me while I was teaching in a primary school many years ago, I was approaching the end of the day and as I was teaching the school bell Rang, and a child piped up in the loudest voice and cheered”YEAH! We are now the furthest distance away from the next Monday!”

Deep down inside many of us feel this way while relaxing on a Sunday evening. The feeling of hopelessness as your Sunday draws to a close, and as you move closer to that dark, gloomy grey Monday you say to yourself THE WEEEKENNNND HASSSS ENNNNNNNNDED! But it doesn’t have to be this way, what if I were to tell you that there are ways of turning your Monday into Friday. Let me show you one:

1. Embrace the day

What were to happen if Monday was struck off the list of the weeks? We would have no choice but blame Tuesday for all of our blues, so it cannot be the day itself, but rather the information we attach to it. So let’s start by embracing this day and approaching Monday with expectancy, great things can happen on this so-called ‘mundane Monday’. So I need you to do this. Find your most energetic, “get up and go” songs in your soundtrack of life song list, 5 tracks will do. You know, the song that makes you feel like ‘ Nothing’s going to stop us now’ or ‘Ain’t no stopping us now’ or if you’re like me just the Classic ‘Rocky’ Theme. These songs have a purpose in our life they are not just a mere bystander to our actions; they invoke our motivation to our bloodstream, the defibrillator of our mind to move us from gear one to gear five. Remember, you are a Lamborghini so lets fuel up!

Songs are like fuel, and the next Monday you encounter, you are going to make five pit stops. Pick your five epic tracks, five ABSOLUTE BANGERS for the day. You will play:

Track one in the morning,
Track two on your way to work,
Track three on your break time,
Track four on your lunch break
Track five soon as you leave the office floor.

Can you do me a favour? Once you carried out this task, PLEASE let me know how your day progressed in the comments below. I assure you something amazing will happen. And if you’re interested to know why your day was so great, subscribe to me, and I will let you know why! LOOK OUT FOR PART 2.

Happy Monday

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How to Plan Outstanding Music Lessons S1. Ep1

Clinton gives an introduction on the framework to building outstanding music lesson. Over this series, Clinton will be sharing with you strategies on how to successfully transfer your valuable information to your students, making teaching and learning an enjoyable process.

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